2 posts from day 30/08/2017

Drunk Brunch

I got an editor note back for Chapter 16 suggesting that I change “drunk brunch” to “hangover brunch”. And even though I’ve been friends with my editor for nearly 10 years, I guess I never mentioned drunk brunch to her. . . Oopsie. I don’t know if it’s a Louisiana thing or a my-friends-from-college-in-Louisiana thing, but every Sunday (and some Saturdays) during college when we all lived in dorms, we would meet around 11 AM in the LSU Student Union for drunk brunch. Somet...

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Luca Paretti Rosé

The wine Nate uses to woo Tori in the final scene of Chapter Eighteen. . . I'm sure you're shocked to learn this is not my photo. . . I had a glass of this when I was at Catch LA for brunch for my cousin’s birthday in late July. Catch LA is a truly phenomenally rooftop garden restaurant in Hollywood. It takes weeks to get a reservation – like, you can’t even walk in without your name on the list – and the flowers alone were worth it. My meal was meh. I really have to stop ...

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