2 posts from day 17/09/2017


I’ve never actually been to Antoine's, but from what I've heard from the people I know, it’s a really nice restaurant. I love the history of it and the menu and the floor plan, and next time I’m back home in Louisiana, I plan on visiting.   The main dining room   But, since I’m writing this book from the other L.A., I can only visit it virtually and on the written page. [And, just to make clear, there is no disrespect intended for this prized New Orleans treasure. I ...

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Port of Call

I wrote a chapter-shaped love poem about Port of Call (Sir Chapter 13) in New Orleans. I've been to a lot of restaurants in New Orleans, most of them simply outstanding, but push-comes-to-shove, Port of Call is at the top of my favorites list.   First, it’s a damned good hamburger. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t really like hamburgers. Second, baked potatoes piled obscenely high with cheese, butter, and sour cream. Need I say more? Third <drumroll ...

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