How did the picnic on the pier get set up? Answer: Meet Jack.

The picnic on the pier…

How did it get set up and taken down?

In my head canon, Nate has a minion. That minion’s name is Jack and in polite company, Jack is called Nate’s personal assistant.

Jack is a (no pun intended) jack-of-all-trades who grew up in the California foster system and got into UCLA’s film school on talent and scholarship. Once he graduated, he needed a job, and applied to an anonymous ad on a Hollywood job search website for a personal assistant. Come to find out, the person who needed the PA was Nate.

So Jack is 23 and has been Nate’s PA for a year. He’s great at his job, discreet, and one day will have a kick ass career.

Oh, and Jack’s gay. And he may or may not start an affair de coeur with one of the film’s cameramen. Whose name is Remy.  He may have also had a ONS with Nate’s little brother Felix, but that’s a secret he’s taking to the grave, so keep your mouth shut, k?

I don’t know if we’ll ever see Jack. But. He exists. And he’s sleeping in Nate’s spare bedroom. And he’s the magical fairy minion who goes behind the scenes and makes things happen.

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