Marshall T.J. Langlois

Pronounced Lan-(g)waah

At least in my dad’s small south Louisiana town, a Marshall is an elected political position, similar to a police chief or sheriff, in towns that aren’t big enough to have a police force but still need more than the parish sheriff.

I based Marshall T.J. Langlois off of Marshall Russell in my dad’s hometown. He is friends with everyone and, like Marshall Langlois, he’s a big dude, but that’s about where the similarities end. He’s got a deep rolling southern drawl and is a good-ole-boy at heart. He’s a good man and well-loved in my dad’s hometown.

Marshall Langlois. . . is only loved by the people who line his pockets.


How did I come up with the name?

Oh, and I called my dad and asked him about Marshall Russell and asked him what my small-town south-Louisiana Marshall should be named. Dad asked, “What part of the state?” to which I replied, “Norco” (which is the town Boden is directly based upon). I barely got the word out before dad replied, “T.J. Langlois.” So that’s what we have. Thanks, dad!

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