Nate’s Tesla

The Tesla

I don’t know why, but I think Teslas and Elon Musk are cool.

In books, especially these kinds of books, it seems like everyone has these super-exotic awesome cars. And it’s a fantasy, so it makes sense.

I don’t know why, but in my head – and as I’m the one writing it, it’s the only head that matters at this point – Nate, for all that he’s filthy rich and likes nice things, has a strong practical streak in him. He knows what it’s like to be broke af. He knows what it’s like to be essentially homeless. To not know where his next meal is coming from. And, yeah, now he makes a shit-ton of money and his little brother Felix invests it for him so he’s even more super-rich, but the dude remembers his roots.

So, yeah, could he drop a half a million on a shiny new sports car? Sure. He’s got the cash.

But is it the best use of his money? Absolutely not. Cars depreciate in value.

And door dings are a way of life in L.A.

So he got something cool and top of the line, and he didn’t scrimp or penny-pinch with the bells and whistles, but he also didn’t drop a ton of dough on it. It cost him a small house in Louisiana, not a small house in Los Angeles. Of course it could be a Porsche (but I have an attitude problem with them because the little ones cut you off in Beverly Hills, which makes me want to run them the f over) or a Lexus (everyone has a freaking Lexus) or a Mercedes (snore) or a BMW (those are cute) or an Audi (OK, I didn’t think of an Audi) or a Jaguar (maintenance issues)… but I wanted a freaking Tesla. I think they’re cool, alright? (Well, as long as you’re not going cross-country through west Texas, lol.)

So, here is what I designed as Nate’s car. I think it’s sexy but practical, if those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. And at $150K, it’s not exactly cheap. . .

 (The link to the Tesla S I designed for Nate.)


I went top-of-the-line with the P100D, max performance, all premium model (because why not?). That means it has a 315mile range (EPA), maxes out at 155mph with 0-50 in 2.5 seconds and a 1.2  second passing speed going 35-65mpg.

I added the sunroof and the 21″ Grey Turbine Wheels and the multi-pattern black interior.

Besides standard equipment like keyless entry and ambient interior lighting and heated seats, I also added enhanced auto-pilot and full self-driving capability (so once it becomes available, his car can get the software loaded).

Cool, right?

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