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Why did Tori refuse to take Nate’s money?

“That’ll be $1.93.” He digs in his wallet and slaps three bills on the counter. Three one hundred dollar bills. What the fuck? He’s got this smug look on his face like he’s so damned smart, and he confirms my worst suspicion when he gives me a shit-eating grin and says, “Keep the change.” Oh. Hell. No. I calmly take his money, walk over to the cash register, and count out the change for three hundred dollars minus a dollar ninety-three. And then slap it all back ...

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Step Behind the Curtains. . . and into my blog.

WELCOME to D.L.Hess.com! I decided to journal my progress and thoughts on Sir as I was writing and editing and re-reading because I have more to share, I guess, than what’s on the actual page in the actual book. I’m a writer. I was a writer before I started this endeavor, and I’ll be a writer long after I’m done. I know the amount of work and effort and reasoning that goes into every small detail. At least, for me when I’m writing, there’s a ton of work that goes on before ...

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