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The Finewhile Diner. . .

I love diners. Particularly small-town, roadside diners. Diners that still look like they did when they were built in the heyday of highway travel, at a time before interstates were a thing. Diners are going by the wayside, which makes me sad. Half the ones I’ve been to in the past decade since I moved to L.A. cook frozen food that they bought in bulk and call it “homemade”. (Maybe it says that on the box, but it sure as hell ain’t homemade!) Anyway, bad food, and bad diner food, ...

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One Canal Place (Chapter 9)

That photo above? Not my photo. Nor is the one below. Shocking.  At the end of Canal Street, almost at the river, on the edge of the Quarter, stands a high rise. In that high rise, you can both get your passport from the passport office upstairs, Chanel 22 at Saks Fifth Avenue, and a great little dress at one of the boutiques. http://www.theshopsatcanalplace.com/  

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