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Marshall T.J. Langlois

Pronounced Lan-(g)waah At least in my dad's small south Louisiana town, a Marshall is an elected political position, similar to a police chief or sheriff, in towns that aren’t big enough to have a police force but still need more than the parish sheriff. I based Marshall T.J. Langlois off of Marshall Russell in my dad’s hometown. He is friends with everyone and, like Marshall Langlois, he's a big dude, but that's about where the similarities end. He’s got a deep rolling southern ...

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How did the picnic on the pier get set up? Answer: Meet Jack.

The picnic on the pier… How did it get set up and taken down? In my head canon, Nate has a minion. That minion’s name is Jack and in polite company, Jack is called Nate’s personal assistant. Jack is a (no pun intended) jack-of-all-trades who grew up in the California foster system and got into UCLA's film school on talent and scholarship. Once he graduated, he needed a job, and applied to an anonymous ad on a Hollywood job search website for a personal assistant. Come to find ...

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The Brothers Stone

I’m giving you a lot of information about the brothers, I know. There’s a method to my madness. I may or may not have plans for more than one or two or five or ten books based on all the Stone brothers. So I’m laying tracks now. Patience, my darling readers. If you love me and buy my books so that I can pay my rent, there will be more. Because I already love these boys and I really, truly hope y’all learn to fall in love with them as well. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I ...

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