Step Behind the Curtains. . . and into my blog.


I decided to journal my progress and thoughts on Sir as I was writing and editing and re-reading because I have more to share, I guess, than what’s on the actual page in the actual book.

I’m a writer. I was a writer before I started this endeavor, and I’ll be a writer long after I’m done. I know the amount of work and effort and reasoning that goes into every small detail. At least, for me when I’m writing, there’s a ton of work that goes on before words actually go onto a page for someone else to read. I spend an incredible amount of time researching locations, clothing, toys, accessories, etc. Even though a lot of that information never gets into the book, it’s still the inspiration for the descriptions that do make it to the page. And then I wondered. . .

Why keep the work I put into making this book a secret? I know that when I’m reading a book… or a fanfiction <looks around furtively>… if something or some place is mentioned, I look it up. So then I was thinking – the research is already done, why can’t I just post it somewhere? So I built a website to host all of my research, reasoning, and rhetoric. I figured that if I would want to understand the writer’s thoughts and if I would be interested to see what they were imagining when they were describing something… then other readers would be interested too.

Thus, the inspiration that led to, the Go Behind the Curtains Blog, and the D.L. Hess Insiders came to be!

This is a Work-in-Progress. I had hoped to have more posts up before Sir‘s release date, but as time goes on, you’ll be able to read Sir (and the rest of The Awakening Series) and follow along via blog posts. I even have recipes for most of the food featured in the book.


I hope you enjoy stepping Behind the Curtains as you read the entries from my writing journal and the…annotations? Follow Along Illustrations? Addendums? Stuff?… that I’ve also included.

Thank you for your support.

All my love,

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